MABRC Researchers • Re: David's research

I like others who get started in this crazy world of researching have had somthing happen to them that makes us think about this all of the time. The more that I research the more I look back at my childhood and the things I did and not notice, the signs were always there I just didnt know what was going on around me. Its funny when you see something now and think back, my brothers and myself have seen tree twist in the woods we grew up in never paying any mind to them because we didnt know what we were looking at. We played in the woods and fished the ponds like any kid would do before video games, I would have the feeling of being watched and followed when I would go into the woods but not all of the time. But when I did it was really spooky, I never thought of BF but as I look back it starts to sence. I grew up thinking we had ghost in our house and woods, I would hesr my name called but I was the only one home , trash would be everywhere only after the dumpster was 1/2 full, and mom was always mad about the fruit trees being picked clean. This Memorial Day exp we saw red eyes and I started to remember things that I had seen as a child, I have seen them through the windows of our house,barn,dumpster,dumpster and the woods.I know this is a long intro but it helps me to remember these events, I never felt that I was in danger on our land but there is a place near that I know that we are not welcome there. I first started looking for this around my area after I got in touch with Biggjimm, I would have never thought they would be there. Now that I started looking I have found a 11.5,14.5,17.5, and a 20.5 in tracks. Have heard wood knocks, barn owls calling during the day, whoops,grunts and trees shaking with no wind. I was driving down a road and got seen a head and shoulder view stop and backed up it was gone. After I returned from the Marines I had a trailer on the back of my fathers land near the pond, it had a small patch of trees and I would catch a figure in the trees once in a while but always passed it off as ghost. Another thing is all of my family felt protected growing up, now I talking about when we would venture into the woods. We had a german shepperd but he would not go into the woods or near the creek, this dog was not scared of anything but he would not go there. He would dive under the house every so often and would not come out, you could hear him hit hole and shaking unnder the house. I think back now and when Boog would do that I would hear the voices calling my name or the children playing.

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