Evidence Review Board



  1. The Evidence Review Board (the Board) was created by members of the MABRC organization to serve as a group of experienced researchers to review and comment on possible evidence relating to the existence of a North American cryptid, known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, based on specific protocols.
  2. It is the desire of the Board to review and comment on various types of possible evidence submitted by any serious Bigfoot Researcher. In the first year of the Board, it was decided by Board members to limit evaluations to evidence submitted by active organization members of the MABRC. In future years, the Board may decide to accept evidence from non-MABRC organization members and from other Bigfoot Organizations.
  3. If any MABRC member just wants to release evidence on their own, without the MABRC standing behind it, they are more than entitled to. However. If a MABRC member brings in evidence, and wants the MABRC to stand behind it, it first has to be vetted by the Evidence Review Board.
  4. After reviewing the evidence, the Board will publish a report with an opinion, representing the official opinion of the MABRC. If the findings are remarkable, the Board may release a Press Release.

Evidence Review Board Types of evidence

  1. Audio recordings
  2. Photographic images (Including FLIR Photos)
  3. Video recordings (including FLIR Video)
  4. Physical evidence (footprints, knuckle-prints, trackways, handprints, fingerprints, hair, tissue, blood, scat.)

Submission Protocols

The MABRC has a portal page on the MABRC Website http://www.mabrc.com for the Evidence Review Board.  Potential submitters will need to fill out the appropriate form for their evidence to be reviewed, and submit the form.  Once submitted, the form will be emailed to all the members of the Evidence Review Board, who will then contact the submitter with directions on how to submit the evidence.

Audio, video, and photos will be directed to an online file storage area where they can upload their files.  Once uploaded, the files will be moved to a secure location. 

If the evidence (physical) needs to be mailed/shipped, instructions (and proper packing information) will be given to the submitter by the Board Member who contacts them after the form is filled out and submitted.

Following this submission protocol, then the protocols listed below will be used for the review of the evidence.


Protocol for Disposition of Evidence after Report has been published

  1. All original physical evidence will be returned to the submitter/owner.
  2. Any fees for packing and shipping are the responsibility of the submitter/owner. (Alternate sources of funding may be obtained by the Board. The Board will not be a repository for physical evidence, and will make every effort to return the evidence to the submitter/owner after the report has been published, if possible and practical.)
  3. Evidence Review Members will not make and retain copies for their personal use, without the permission of the submitter/owner of the evidence. (The Board will retain digital copies of audio, photographs, and video, as required to evaluate and render an opinion. These copies may be retained electronically on the MABRC Evidence Review Board’s private sub-forum. Personal copies will not be retained by any Board member on their personal computer after the report is published.)